Collaborative Conservation on the Banks of the Yuba River

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A Very Special Place

Combining conservation, public access and limited private use

On the western slope of the Sierra Nevada, at the confluence of Deer Creek and the Yuba River, there’s a very special place. A place which holds:

  • Rich natural habitat – Over 700 habitat-rich acres of permanently protected public land for hiking, horseback riding and fishing, preserved in partnership with the Bear-Yuba Land Trust, the Trust for Public Lands and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.
  • Chinook salmon restoration – Over two miles along the banks and watersheds of the Yuba River and Deer Creek, at the epicenter of the Chinook salmon restoration effort.
  • Breathtaking views – Past the Sutter Buttes and the Central Valley to the west, and across the Sierra to the east.
  • Rich archaeological remains – Archaeological features such as gold-rush era townsites, great hardrock tunnels and towering hydraulicked bluffs which yielded a fortune in gold and still hold much, much more.
  • Easy access – Direct access to both Grass Valley and Marysville on Highway 20.
  • Ownership opportunities – Only three of the original eleven Excelsior properties remain available for purchase.  They are all prime parcels, seventeen to twenty acres in size, with excellent views and full access to over 700 acres of accessible open space. For more information, or to arrange a tour of the property, contact us.

A place this special deserves a special vision. A vision that’s been over ten years in the making. We call it Excelsior. And it looks like this: Excelsior Master Plan